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miniature review Triplicate Girl (SLoSH GF): Trippy's Triplettes, Support or Damage or Tie-Up. You choose.

Miniature Review
Triplicate Girl (SLoSH GF): click to enlarge
Triplicate Girl (SLoSH GF)

  • Collector's number: 206
  • Rarity: Common
  • Team Ability: Legion of Super Heroes
  • Point Value: 87
  • Keywords: Legion of Super Heroes
Triplicate Girl (SLoSH GF)
Trippy's Triplettes, Support or Damage or Tie-Up. You choose.

written by friarbrie
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General description:

Easily abused when you use the Book of the Skulls or any other power-granting resource or relic. Her copies can use whatever powers she can use.


Tricky fig that can be a support piece or a primary attacker with the right resource.

Strategies and game play:

The obvious choice is to make use of the limited Empower that she and her Triplettes get. She is supposed to be a close combat fig, with no range at all. Without a resource, she will need to stay with her Triplettes to buff up her damage. She relies on her super senses to avoid damage.

You can use her Triplettes for tie-up pieces. And when one us KO'd, she and the other Triplette can use Willpower.

Put her on a Legion Lost ATA team, have then gain the Superman enemy team ability. When she positions next to a teammate with that TA, her copies also can use Outwit.

On a theme team, her copies can use probability control the entire game because she can use the theme-team Probs. That is until she uses them up. But of course, you wouldn't let her do that.

With planning, she is a brutal support piece.

Combos with other miniatures:

Gates is an obvious choice because it can carry other figs regardless of their movement symbols. And it's a Legion fig.

Splitlip with the Book of the Skulls. Leave one of the Triplettes behind if needed for the extra power action for a hammerbom. Or keep them up front for a multiplication of the hammer's powers.

Any of the Legion Founders figs could make Splitlip a legion member, thereby giving you a theme team, including theme team probs. Since Trippy can use those probs, then her copies can use the power as well (but I don't think they have to use a power action to do so).

Use a Legionnaire Ring Relic or two to let them carry each other.

Another Triplicate Girl for more ridiculous shenanigans!

Ways to counteract it:
Pulse Wave will quickly wipe out the Triplettes.

Multiplication of powers granted to Triplicate Girl through her copies.

Lack of move and attack powers and damage reducers. She needs a resource to buff up.

She and her Triplettes can't be carried because of the wing symbol (that's why you need Gates or a Legionnaire Ring.)

Artwork and aesthetics:
Really it's a pretty dull sculpt and it bends far too easily in my box.

Overall rating:
In sealed she's just a 4/10 but in a constructed team with a resource, she's a 8/10.


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