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miniature review Maleficent

Miniature Review
Maleficent: click to enlarge

  • Number: 2
  • Rarity: C
  • Type: Figure
written by bbplymale
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General description:
Maleficent is one of the few and great figurines in this set that doesn't have an unsightly base for the purpose of balance (her dress provides a solid base). Her pose is large; her robe, billowing. It's a very dynamic figurine, and there are very few things about it that could disappoint.

Combos with other miniatures:
There's an Aurora figurine available, but Maleficent is such a star in her own right that she doesn't need to be set alongside anyone else.

Her size and lack of an ovular foot base. Her pose is dynamic, and the ruffles in her robe make it look like there's wind blowing around her. Her face, although small, has a lot of detail in it: whites in her eyes, two distinct lines of lipstick as opposed to just one blob, angry eyebrows.

The bottom of her staff can get bent in the bag, and it's difficult to get it straight. If you bend it the other direction for a while, though, you can make it a little better. Be careful not to break it!

Artwork and aesthetics:
It's one of the most beautiful figurines in the whole collector's pack. It can be easy to lose detail with black paint, but the lines in the robe come out vividly.

Overall rating:
9.5/10. It's perfect apart from the problem with the staff.


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