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miniature review HMS Clear Wind: The English counterpart of La Bonne Chance

Miniature Review
HMS Clear Wind: click to enlarge
HMS Clear Wind

Miniature text:

Junk. If this ship shoots at a ship that was previously shot at by another ship this turn, she gets +1 to her cannon rolls against that ship this turn.

HMS Clear Wind’s crew willingly surrendered to England, and they quietly wait for the day when they can resurrect the Jade Rebellion.

  • Collector's Number: 049
  • Faction Affiliation: England
  • Rarity: C
  • Type: Ship
  • Point Value: 10
  • Cargo Space: 3
  • Base Move: S+S
  • Cannons: 3S,3L,3S
  • Number of Masts: 3
HMS Clear Wind
The English counterpart of La Bonne Chance

written by LV8
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General description:
This is a cool European junk with a very interesting ability. When you look at her closely, she can fit into many roles and fleets. This is my first miniature review and the first review for this miniature, so comments and criticism are welcome always.

You can use this ship in two or three different roles:
*Support gunship
*Raider ship
*Gold runner (if you're desperate)

Strategies and game play:
For the first role, pair it with a larger gunship like HMS Apollo or HMS Gargantuan (this ship can keep up with them) and blast your opponent to smithereens! This ship's ability makes it a great fighter to swoop in and disable a enemy gunship after your main gunship has taken a shot at it.
The second role is a fun one: run out and pick off enemy gold runners and enemy convoys. Its cannons are average by themselves without the ship's ability so this should work fine.
The third role is, as it says, a very desperate use for this ship. You could spend two more points and get this. This is not a recommended use for this ship.

Combos with other miniatures:
For the first two roles, you need a captain and helmsman (or either Thomas Gunn or Hermione Gold) at least. That will leave you with 5 points for anything you want. There are cancelers, rerollers which can link to one of your crew, SAT crew, and EA crew. All are great, so take your pick.
The third role is, like I said earlier, not recommended so you can choose whatever you like or want.

Ways to counteract it:
Just attack it when it is isolated and with a four-master and you should be fine.

The Competition:
Just in the English faction, there are other options that are way better at this point cost: HMS Nautilus and HMS Lord Walpole. Both of these ships have better cannons and the Lord Walpole has more cargo space and the Nautilus has a faster speed. Moving into the other factions we find two junks that outweigh it: La Bonne Chance and Empress. These two junks have better cannons for the same cost. So against these other ships, HMS Clear Wind pales in comparison but can shine as well.

English (one of 6 junks; only four are found in the packs)
Junk keyword
Neat special ability

Average cannons
Mediocre speed

Artwork and aesthetics:
I like junks in the first place so I like the design. The dark brown hull with the sea green sails are a good contrast.

Overall rating:
I would rate this 7 out of 10. Hope you enjoyed my review.


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Author Message
a7xfanben Premium Member
LV95 United States send message

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Member since
June 27, 2011
Subject:    Posted: June 18, 2017 09:25 am Reply with quote Report content icon

I thought it looked short when I first saw it, but this review covers the ship well. It's not a particularly great ship or something you'd want to spend a lot of points on, so there's not a ton of stuff to say. I find this ship boring because she's pretty much average in every way.

The special ability has never impressed me, and I've almost never used it or have been able to use it. I think it should have been on some crew as well, since it's hard to go out of your way to use it. It's a little more viable in large games where there are big battles between fleets, but it's still not an ability I'd seek out very much. However, it's nice that it would stack with other bonuses.
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LV3 United States send message

Avatar for lovejoyz
Member since
December 6, 2017
Subject:    Posted: December 25, 2017 09:39 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

Good honest review. I thought it was going to be talking the ship either further up the ladder than it should be, or further down, but it was placed in the middle well.

One of the things that could make this ability a bit better offensively, is depending on what return fire rules you use.
A ship could fire at another ship, and then the defending ship would return fire. This ship would then attack it if it hadn’t been sunk, and gain +1 to cannon rolls.
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