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miniature review Grand Wind

Miniature Review
Grand Wind: click to enlarge
Grand Wind

Miniature text:

Junk. Once per turn, you may reroll any die roll you make for this ship; you must use the second die roll result.
Link: Shap-’ng-Tsai.

The Great Wind is named because of her unnatural ability to sail under even the slightest breeze. The wind itself loves her so much that it assists her at every opportunity.

  • Collector's Number: 004
  • Faction Affiliation: Jade Rebellion
  • Rarity: R
  • Type: Ship
  • Point Value: 15
  • Cargo Space: 6
  • Base Move: S
  • Cannons: 4S,4S,4L,4L,4L,5S
  • Number of Masts: 6
Grand Wind
written by o0greensea0o
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General description:
When I initially got this ship I was overjoyed because it was my first six-masted junk. The first thing that I noticed was that it has really bad cannon rolls (4S-4S-4L-4L-4L-5S). There are stats that help the inconvenience such as its ability which allows you to re-roll the die for any roll you make for The Grand Wind and the 6 cargo space for crew that can help treat the problem. The second thing that I noticed was that the movement is only 1S. This can be made into S+S with the help of a helmsman, but that takes up one cargo space which will be needed for crew to compensate for the ship's terrible cannon rolls.

Being a six-masted junk, you'd think that it would be a great source of firepower for your fleet, but the cannon rolls are painfully high. Looking at its 6 cargo space, you might think, "I could use this as a treasure sweeping ship," however, she only moves an S. With crew you can compensate for these problems to some extent but you'll have to sacrifice your cargo space to do so, which isn't so great for the gold sweeping strategy. I think that The Grand Wind's best use is an attack ship because your going to have to use crew for either purpose so you ky as well fill it up with crew that will fix the high cannon roll problem.

Strategies and game play:
Following the previous section, your only good strategy for The Grand Wind is to use it for attack. You will definitely need crew to use this strategy or will probably will never fire a single cannon. When you do have the crew to use this strategy, (I'll get int which in the next section) you don't want to go for the bigger four and definitely five-masted ships because the cannon rolls still won't be perfect with your crew. That is unless there is a four-masted ship that you want to go after and it is really weak, but I'd still stay a safe distance away from most five-masted ships. Therefore, go after smaller ship with 1-3 masts and you should deal a fair amount of damage to them if you didn't sink them.
I'd say that going after groups of smaller ships would also be a good strategy as long as it isn't something like four three-masters at a time. When you are going for this strategy, be sure to bring support with you if there are more than six masts in the group you're attacking (I'll get into which ships are best in the next section). The bigger the group is the bigger the support. That could mean more smaller ships or simply, bigger support ships.

Combos with other miniatures:


If you are going for the attack strategy (which you should), then your going to need crew that will compensate for the poor cannon rolls. To do this, I use Warlord Cavendish , Calico Cat , Bruce Grey , and a cannoneer.
These crew allow The Grand Wind to re-roll your die three times and then a fourth time if you roll a 5 or 6. This should get shots out of your cannons roughly as often as a two or three grade cannon. An important thing to note is that Warlord Cavendish allows you to use pirate crew on whatever ship he's on which is essential to having Calico cat on The Grand Wind.
Other things you can do to increase your chance of destroying a ship is adding a firepot specialist, double shot, and/or chain shot, but remember that that takes up precious cargo space.

Good Support Ships
- HMS Malton
- El Príncipe de Asturias
- Bonifacio
- La Bonne Chance
- Sea Wind
- Virtuous Wind
- Divine Wind
- Sea Crane
- Sea Duck
- Sea Serpent
- HMS Hibernia

Ways to counteract it:
- Really good ships with four or more masts could take it down with some ease.
- The old surround and fire strategy should work pretty well on it.
- A full-on attack
- Ships like Hlidskjalf that can't be shot at within a distance of S.
- Sea dragons
- Massive ships like the Boachan.
- Other six-masted junks ( Grand Dynasty , Grand Mountain , Grand Path , Grand Temple )
- Generally most ships with really low cannon rolls.

- Good amount of cargo space for compensating for horrific cannon rolls
- Six masts
- When equipped with the right crew, it can take out pretty good one to three-masted ships
- Junk keyword
- Looks beautiful

- Dreadful cannon rolls (4S-4S-4L-4L-4L-5S)
- Lousy speed (S)
Artwork and aesthetics:
I think The Grand Wind stands out the most from all of the other six-masted junks, not to say they aren't beautiful (because they are), but The Grand Wind's olive and white color scheme is a unique beauty among the usual oranges and reds and golds. I also love it when they put the lanterns all over the junks, it just adds that much more detail. The Grand Wind also has the asian snake like dragon that all of the six-masted junks have.

Overall rating:
Despite this beauty's flaws, being her high cannon rolls and slow speed, her ability and cargo space compensate the inconveniences, but you shouldn't have to. With the right crew and support she can do a lot for your crew if you do a lot for her.


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