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miniature review Miko's Blades Ichi - Infiltrator MK I Battle Armor (Unique)

Miniature Review
Miko`s Blades Ichi - Infiltrator MK I Battle Armor (Unique): click to enlarge
Miko's Blades Ichi - Infiltrator MK I Battle Armor (Unique)

  • Collector's Number: 129
  • Type: Infantry
  • Point Value: 12
  • Attack Quantity: 1
  • Attack Type: Energy
  • Attack Range: 0-6
  • Locomotion: Foot
  • Faction Affiliation: Mercenary
Miko's Blades Ichi - Infiltrator MK I Battle Armor (Unique)
written by  Premium Member LV23
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General description:
While 'Mech and vehicle Unique figures were common for MechWarrior, infantry Unique figures were generally very rare. They did not come singly; instead, they came as a set of four. In this case, Miko's Blades are a mercenary outfit comprised of #129 Infiltrator Mk I Battle Armor, #130 Grey Death Battle Armor, #131 Inner Sphere Battle Armor, and #132 Purifier Battle Armor. The backstory for these involves the Dragon's Fury faction so they naturally have a Japanese flavor. For example, "Ichi" "Ni" "San" and "Yoh" are one two three four in Japanese. I get a kick out of that for some reason.

Although these are Unique units, they're infantry so there's only so much that can be done to make them distinctive. You'd use these pretty much the same as you'd use any other infantry units. All you get is slightly longer dials and maybe some extra Special Equipment (with consequently higher point costs of course).

Strategies and game play:
Not much to be said here: use them in the same roles and with the same tactics as you'd use the non-Unique versions of these types of battle armors. The slight extras that you get on the dials, such as the extra click of damage or fewer damage markers, make them a tiny bit more survivable than their regular counterparts. This might come in handy against an opponent that isn't ready for it.

Combos with other miniatures:
Sadly, these are Mercenaries so they can't join formations (Dark Age rules). That limits what you can do for combos. In that respect, Miko's Blades are (in spite of their slightly elevated stats) less useful than normal faction units. You'd likely use these as solo harassers and in a mop-up capacity. The energy weapons that three of the four units are equipped with will heat up 'Mechs just fine for example. If you can spare some points in your army list, it might be a hoot to include one or more of these guys.

Ways to counteract it:
Fight these the same as you'd fight other infantry. They're slightly tougher than regular infantry, but otherwise nothing special.

A cool themed unit in matching color schemes. Slightly elevated stats.

Higher costs than other units of the same type.

Artwork and aesthetics:
Given that these are infantry, the paint (such as it is) is hardly any different than any other infantry. They're just too tiny to do much with. They look a little cleaner than most run-of-the-mill infantry and that's about all

Overall rating:
I give these a rating of 4 out of 10. They're kind of cool from a collector's standpoint, as they were quite rare back in the day and almost impossible to find today. But from an actual game play perspective they don't really bring much to the table (if you'll pardon the pun).


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