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miniature review Geoffery Flores

Miniature Review
Geoffery Flores: click to enlarge
Geoffery Flores

Miniature text:

Broadsides Attack. This ship may move and shoot using the same move action.

Flores signaled his resignation from the French Navy with the dead body of his superior officer, who referred to him as a half-breed. Captain Flores is ruthless to his prey but generous to his crew. Gaston de St. Croix might have damned his soul, but Crimson Angel has shown him the gates of heaven.

  • Collector's Number: 022
  • Faction Affiliation: Pirate
  • Rarity: R
  • Type: Crew
  • Point Value: 6
Geoffery Flores
written by oz10bok
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General description:
Flores is the badass captain you want on your flagship. On a big enough ship, with big enough cannons, he can wipe an enemy off the ocean in one dice roll.
Use him on a flagship with good cannons, such as the Harbinger. Imagine those 5 rank-2 guns, with broadside! It can take out a 6 mast junk ship in one blow.
Strategies and game play:
Flores is obviously not meant for treasure hunting. The ex-french captain can serve a ship best if theres alot of cannons at his disposal. Perhaps add a musketeer if you have to go up against the Bauchan. By covering the captain's role of move+shoot, he clears cargo room up. Use him to get the first shot in or a big enemy. Don't waste your time using this dude on little 3 masters, unless that's all that's left.
Combos with other miniatures:
Add a helmsman to extend his broadsides range. Stick him on ships like Harbinger, Deliverance, Revenant etc. I also like adding Jack Hawkins, for his double action and ghost crew ability. They make a good team together. If you put him on a smaller ship, make sure it has good cannons, like the Accused.
Ways to counteract it:
Any anti-crew personnel will work. But generally, if your enemy has Flores on a big ship, kill him first or you're a deadman. Those crew killers are excellent, like Assino de la Nave, or Panda.

Captain ability, Broadsides ability. 6 points a decent value for what you get, compared to English Percival Blake (who costs 7). Can add a musketeer to any ship to enhance his ability. Can wipe out an enemy in one roll.
He has no link. If you miss on a broadsides, you're in deep trouble, cus you'll be sitting within S of likely a large enemy. Limited usefulness to only larger vessels. If your enemy fronts a bunch of little ships, Flores' broadsides isn't going to give as much of a bang for the buck. Broadsides cannot be pumped up by any other abilities, such as +1 to cannons, or cannoneer re-rolls.

Artwork and aesthetics:
He looks badass. Big, hulking, black-masked, with a kick-ass moustache.
Overall rating:
7/10. In his element he's absolutely deadly. But you really have to use him right, and on the right ship, and against the right enemy.


Modified on August 8, 2006 08:57 pm

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United States

Avatar for jolly_rodger
Subject:    Posted: August 8, 2006 07:26 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

I don't care for your language, but he is a wicked awesome crew.
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United States

Avatar for cursedfan99
Subject:    Posted: December 23, 2017 09:02 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

I love this guy. And will never understand the hate broadsides attack gets...
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