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miniature review Prince Xizor: Nefarious Leader of the Black Sun Crime Syndicate

Miniature Review
Prince Xizor: click to enlarge
Prince Xizor

  • Faction: Fringe
  • Number: 25
  • Rarity: Very Rare
  • Cost: 40
  • Defense: 22
  • Attack: 12
  • Damage: 10
  • Item type: Miniature
  • Hit Points: 100
Prince Xizor
Nefarious Leader of the Black Sun Crime Syndicate

written by darth_ravenous
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General description:
Prince Xizor (pronounced Shee-zor) is the Falleen leader of the Black Sun Crime Syndicate, based on Coruscant. He is described as the third most influential being in the Star Wars galaxy after Emperor Palapatine and Darth Vader. Some of Xizor's schemes included the assassination of Luke Skywalker, the seduction of Princess Leia, and the usurping of Darth Vader. Xizor was an ambitious individual indeed.

The Star Wars Miniature version of Xizor is a fairly faithful representation of the crime lord. He is an expensive mini at 40 pts play cost but his true value lies in his Commander Effect, which grants Grenades 20 to allies with Grenades 10 AND Accurate Shot to allies with Stealth. Since Xizor is fringe, the benefits of his CE can be paired with any other faction. The key term in his CE is allies, meaning that Xizor's CE affects ALL allies including followers, commanders, non-uniques, and uniques.

Offensively, Xizor is weak with only 10 damage and his attack of +12 is appropriate for his play cost. Defensively, however, he is a tough customer. The combination of 100 hit points, a 22 defense (one of the highest in the game), and the Pheremones special ability make him a real pain to the enemy. Pheremones forces enemy characters within 6 squares of Xizor that are attacking him to save at 11+ to even be able to attack! However, keep in mind that attacks that do not target Xizor himself - force/sith lightning, grenades, missles, etc.- are not subject to this special ability.

Zixor is best kept in the rear guarding the gear. His CE is too valuable and his play cost is too high to risk him early in the game. If enough allies have been lost, Xizor - with careful manuevering - can act as a sort of bodybuard. By staying in cover and making himself the nearest target, his high defense and Pheremones can make a huge difference. Watch out for accurate shooters since they can bypass this technique.

Strategies and game play:
Let's assume that Xizor is paired with allies that use both parts of his CE. Keep Xizor in the back and have your shooters stay in cover and plug away. If the enemy gets close, use the grenades against groups of enemies or those with high defenses that you are unlikely to hit. Place your least valuable character out front so it will take the enemies fire first.

Combos with other miniatures:
Naturally, Xizor's best synergy will be with allies that have Grenades 10, Stealth, or both. There are currently only two miniatures - Republic Commando Scorch and Rebel Commando - that have both these abilities. The Rebel Commando is a relatively weak mini and even with Xizor's CE is not very competitive. Scorch, however, becomes a very competitive piece and under Xizor's leadership has Grenades 20, Stealth, Accurate Shot, and Satchel Charge. Pair that with Queen Amidala and you have a mobile attacking powerhouse!

In addition to his optimal pairings with the Rebels or Republic, Xizor now has a dedicated following in the Bounty Hunters Huge set. The Aqualish Assassin, Human Blaster-for-Hire, Klatooinian Hunter, and the Quarren Bounty Hunter all have the "Black Sun" special ability which gives them grenades 10 when paired with either Xizor or a Vigo. Of course, Xizor will up that ability to grenades 20 but the Vigo cannot.

However, The Republic and The Rebels are still the two factions that stand to gain the most from having Xizor in their squad.

Oh, I nearly forgot. Xizor has his own personal bodyguard, Guri. She is a droid and has a slew of special abilities: Cunning Attack, Mobile Attack, Double Attack, Stealth, and Xizor's Bodyguard. She also has a 20 defense and +13 attack but she only does 10 damage. Despite her great abilities, her Double Attack is conflicting with her Mobile Attack and since she is a droid, has little synergy with other characters. Since her play cost is relatively high at 25 points, I only recommend playing her in high point value games when you can afford a repairing unit or it is vital to your squad to keep Xizor in play. Guri is also a great scenario piece.

Ways to counteract it:
You either need to take out Xizor and eliminate his CE or concentrate on taking out the allies using his CE; don't split your effort on both. The best way to go about this will depend upon your army.
Xizor's weaknesses are exploitable by characers with the Bounty Hunter special ability (since he is unique), characters with Accurate Shot (since stealth is not effective against them), characters with "replaces attacks" special abilities (since they ignore Pheremones), and beatstick characters with a force rating (since they can reroll their Pheremone saves and generally have high enough attack and defense values to deal with Xizor and their Melee Attack negates some of the effectiveness of Stealth).

A unique 2-part CE (The ONLY mini in the game that can conditionally grant "Accurate Shot" to all allies (not just non-uniqe pieces like Veers). Great defensive statistics and abilities.

High play cost. Weak damage output.

Artwork and aesthetics:
The artwork and color on this miniature are exceptional - especially on the robes and clothing. This is very befitting of Xizor since he was known to have very lavish and expensive tastes. The crossed arms exude defiance, and are appropriate for the most powerful crime lord in the galaxy. I especially like the downward-pointing blaster that seems to say, "I don't want to have to use this, but you wouldn't want me to."

Overall rating:
Based on the character representation, the quality of the miniature, and the playability of the piece within the SWM game, I give Prince Xizor a rating of 8.


Modified on August 2, 2014 12:20 am

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United States

Avatar for witchprince
Subject: excellent review   Posted: October 18, 2006 09:12 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

I belive that this review is very informative. I thought that Xizor was a person who I could let rot at the bottom of my minis!
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United Kingdom

Avatar for kizzy
Subject:    Posted: January 23, 2008 06:59 am Reply with quote Report content icon

I totally agree with this review. I love Xizor and if I am playing a rebel squad I nearly always have him and a load of commandoes as part of it. The only thing i disagree with is saying the reb commano is weak. Alright it's attack and damage aren't great but 40 hp in a non-unique is nothing to sniff at. Also with the right commanders they can become very effective.
Xizor now has a bit of competition in the Rebel strike leader but for the republic is still a very godd commander.
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