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Checklist of miniatures from Teen Titans (DC) (HeroClix)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
075 Aqualad (TT) Titans Super booster
015 Aquaman (TT) Justice League Common
006 Arrowette DC Unaffiliated Common
036 Arsenal (TT) Outsiders Rare
067 Batman (TT) Batman Ally/Justice League Super booster
005b Beast Boy (In Gordanian Form) (Prime) DC Unaffiliated Common
021 Beast Boy (Tiger) DC Unaffiliated Uncommon
019 Beast Boy (TT) DC Unaffiliated Uncommon
047b Blackfire (TT) (Prime) DC Unaffiliated Super-Rare
051 Brother Blood (TT) DC Unaffiliated Super-Rare
010 Brother Blood Acolyte (Common) DC Unaffiliated Common
206 Brother Blood Acolyte (GF) DC Unaffiliated Common
049 Bunker Titans Super-Rare
072 Burnout DC Unaffiliated Super booster
027 Centerhall Superman Enemy Uncommon
038 Changeling (TT) Titans Rare
070 Cheshire (TT) Calculator Super booster
069 Cinder DC Unaffiliated Super booster
063 Cyborg (TT SB) Titans Super booster
025 Cyborg (TT Uncommon) Justice League Uncommon
037a Deathstroke (TT) Calculator Rare
032 Dr. Light (TT) Calculator Uncommon
028 Empress DC Unaffiliated Uncommon
003 Fairchild (TT Common) DC Unaffiliated Common
020 Fairchild (TT Uncommon) DC Unaffiliated Uncommon
074 Freefall DC Unaffiliated Super booster
T004 Gen13 DC Unaffiliated Super booster
044 Gizmo Calculator Rare
005a Gordanian DC Unaffiliated Common
033 Green Lantern (TT) Green Lantern Rare
034 Grunge DC Unaffiliated Rare
016 Grymm (Common) DC Unaffiliated Common
210 Grymm (GF) DC Unaffiliated Common
056 Harvest DC Unaffiliated Super-Rare
S102 Harvest Staff DC Unaffiliated LE-Special Obj.
057 Headcase DC Unaffiliated Chase
042 Indigo Outsiders Rare
059 Inertia (TT) DC Unaffiliated Chase
007 Jinx (TT) DC Unaffiliated Common
T002 Justice League Batman Ally/Justice League/Superman Ally Super booster
002 Kid Flash (TT Common) Titans Common
039 Kid Flash (TT Rare) Titans Rare
209 Leash (GF) DC Unaffiliated Common
031 Leash (Uncommon) Calculator Uncommon
017a Li'l Lobo DC Unaffiliated Uncommon
024 Lightning (TT) DC Unaffiliated Uncommon
011 Mammoth (TT) DC Unaffiliated Common
009 N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Soldier (Common) Superman Enemy Common
205 N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Soldier (GF) Police Common
T001 New Teen Titans DC Unaffiliated Super booster
022 Nightwing (TT) Titans Uncommon
053 Omen Calculator Super-Rare
014 Osiris (TT) Calculator Common
T006 Outlaws Outsiders Super booster
060 Persuader (TT) DC Unaffiliated Chase
052 Psimon (TT) DC Unaffiliated Super-Rare
004 Psion DC Unaffiliated Common
100 Ravager (TT LE) DC Unaffiliated Limited Edition
037b Ravager (TT) (Prime) DC Unaffiliated Rare
064 Raven (TT) Mystics/Titans Super booster
204 Red Hood (TT GF) Calculator Common
023 Red Hood (TT Uncommon) Batman Ally/Outsiders Uncommon
201 Red Robin (TT GF) Batman Ally Common
018 Red Robin (TT Uncommon) Titans Uncommon
012 Red Star Titans Common
046 Red Tornado (TT) Justice League Super-Rare
043 Ridge (TT) DC Unaffiliated Rare
001 Robin (TT) Batman Ally/Titans Common
S101 Robin Uniform DC Unaffiliated LE-Special Obj.
208 Rose Wilson (GF) DC Unaffiliated Common
030 Rose Wilson (Uncommon) Calculator Uncommon
073 Sarah Rainmaker DC Unaffiliated Super booster
040 Secret DC Unaffiliated Rare
029 Shimmer (TT) DC Unaffiliated Uncommon
048 Skitter Titans Super-Rare
017b Slobo (Prime) DC Unaffiliated Uncommon
013 Solstice (Common) Titans Common
207 Solstice (GF) Titans Common
077 Starfire (TT SB) Outsiders Super booster
047a Starfire (TT SR) Titans Super-Rare
045 Static DC Unaffiliated Rare
058 Sun Girl DC Unaffiliated Chase
202 Superboy (TT GF) DC Unaffiliated Common
026 Superboy (TT Uncommon) Superman Ally/Titans Uncommon
062 Superboy Prime DC Unaffiliated Chase
066 Superman (TT) Justice League/Superman Ally Super booster
071 Tattooed Man Calculator Super booster
T005 Teen Titans Titans Super booster
035 Terra (TT) DC Unaffiliated Rare
050 The Flash (TT) Justice League/Police Super-Rare
054 The Ray (TT) Justice League Super-Rare
041 Thunder (TT) DC Unaffiliated Rare
T003 Titans: Villains for Hire Calculator Super booster
G001 Trigon (TT) Mystics/Quintessence Super booster
055 Warblade (TT) Calculator Super-Rare
065 Wonder Girl (New Teen Titans) (TT SB) Titans Super booster
076 Wonder Girl (Teen Titans) (TT SB) Titans Super booster
008 Wonder Girl (TT Common) Titans Common
203 Wonder Girl (TT GF) DC Unaffiliated Common
S103 Wonder Girl Lasso DC Unaffiliated LE-Special Obj.
068 Wonder Woman (TT) Justice League Super booster
061 Zookeeper DC Unaffiliated Chase