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Checklist of miniatures from Icons of the Realms: Tyranny of Dragons (Dungeons&Dragons)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
037 Aarakocra Any R
52 Bahamut Gargantuan P
034 Ballista Any R
030 Black Shadow Dragon Any U
041 Blue Dragon Any R
45 Brass Dragon Gargantuan P
024 Bronze Dragon Any U
021 Bugbear Any U
032 Copper Dragon Any U
015 Doppleganger Any U
046i Drizzt, Drow Elf Ranger (Invisible) Any Ultra Rare
046 Drow Elf Ranger Drizzt Any Fixed
030r Exarch of Tyranny Any R
027 Frost Giant Any U
040 Gargoyle Any R
006 Goblin Fighter Any C
043 Gold Dragon Any R
047 Gold Dwarf Female Cleric Any Fixed
047i Gold Dwarf Female Cleric, Invisible Any Ultra Rare
031 Green Dragon Any U
017 Green Hag Any U
022 Guard Drake Any U
033 Half Black Dragon Lord Any R
036 Half Red Dragon Fighter Any R
039 Harpy Any R
012 Hobgoblin Fighter Any C
020 Human Cult of the Dragon Enforcer Any U
013 Human Female Barbarian Any C
048 Human Female Ranger Any Fixed
048i Human Female Ranger, Invisible Any Ultra Rare
008 Human Paladin Any C
019 Human Red Wizard Any U
011 Human Zhentarim Bandit Any C
005 Kobold Fighter Any C
051 Lightfoot Halfling Rogue Any Fixed
051i Lightfoot Halfling Rogue, Invisible Any Ultra Rare
007 Mane Demon Any C
035 Mind Flayer Any R
038 Movanic Deva Angel Any R
018 Needle Blight Any U
050 Northlands Fighter Any Fixed
050i Northlands Fighter, Invisible Any Ultra Rare
025 Ogre Mage Any U
010 Orc Fighter Any C
014 Orog Orc Fighter Any U
028 Pegasus Any U
003 Quickling Any C
044 Red Dragon Any R
001 Rock Gnome Female Wizard Any C
001i Rock Gnome Female Wizard, Invisible Any Ultra Rare
042 Silver Dragon Any R
026 Stone Giant Elder Any U
002 Stout Heart Halfling Female Bard Any C
002i Stout Heart Halfling Female Bard, Invisible Any Ultra Rare
049 Sun Elf Female Wizard Any Fixed
049i Sun Elf Female Wizard, Invisible Any Ultra Rare
009 Sun Elf Guard Any C
004 Svirfneblin Fighter Any C
53 Tiamat Gargantuan P
016 Wood Elf Druid Any U
023 Wraith Any U
029 Wyvern Any U