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Checklist of miniatures from Imperial Raider (Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Game)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
IRAID11 Admiral Ozzel Upgrade - Crew Fixed
IRAID12 Adv. Targeting Computer Upgrade - System Fixed
IRAID13 Assailer Upgrade - Title Fixed
IRAID14 Backup Shield Generator Upgrade - Cargo Fixed
IRAID15 Captain Needa Upgrade - Crew Fixed
IRAID16 Cluster Missiles Upgrade - Missiles Fixed
IRAID07 Commander Alozen Ship - TIE Advanced Fixed
IRAID17 Comms Booster Upgrade - Cargo Fixed
IRAID18 Emperor Palpatine Upgrade - Crew Fixed
IRAID19 Engine Booster Upgrade - Cargo Fixed
IRAID20 Engineering Team Upgrade - Team Fixed
IRAID21 Grand Moff Tarkin Upgrade - Crew Fixed
IRAID22 Gunnery Team Upgrade - Team Fixed
IRAID23 Impetuous Upgrade - Title Fixed
IRAID24 Instigator Upgrade - Title Fixed
IRAID25 Ion Cannon Battery Upgrade - Hardpoint Fixed
IRAID05 Juno Eclipse Ship - TIE Advanced Fixed
IRAID08 Lieutenant Colzet Ship - TIE Advanced Fixed
IRAID26 Proton Rockets Upgrade - Missiles Fixed
IRAID27 Quad Laser Cannons Upgrade - Hardpoint Fixed
IRAID03 Raider-Class Corv. (Aft) Ship - Raider-Class Corv. Fixed
IRAID04 Raider-Class Corv. (Crippled Aft) Ship - Raider-Class Corv. Fixed
IRAID02 Raider-Class Corv. (Crippled Fore) Ship - Raider-Class Corv. Fixed
IRAID01 Raider-Class Corv. (Fore) Ship - Raider-Class Corv. Fixed
IRAID28 Sensor Team Upgrade - Team Fixed
IRAID29 Shield Technician Upgrade - Crew Fixed
IRAID30 Single Turbolasers Upgrade - Hardpoint Fixed
IRAID09 Storm Squadron Pilot Ship - TIE Advanced Fixed
IRAID10 Tempest Squadron Pilot Ship - TIE Advanced Fixed
IRAID31 Tibanna Gas Supplies Upgrade - Cargo Fixed
IRAID32 TIE/x1 Upgrade - Title Fixed
IRAID06 Zertik Strom Ship - TIE Advanced Fixed