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Checklist of miniatures from MLB TeenyMates (TeenyMates)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
2 Arizona Diamondbacks Batter Common
36 Arizona Diamondbacks Pitcher Common
302 Arizona Diamondbacks Catcher Catcher Common
402 Arizona Diamondbacks Infielder Batter Common
436 Arizona Diamondbacks Infielder Batter Common
501 Arizona Diamondbacks Paul Goldschmidt Superstar Common
3 Atlanta Braves Batter Common
37 Atlanta Braves Pitcher Common
303 Atlanta Braves Catcher Catcher Common
502 Atlanta Braves Freddie Freeman Superstar Common
104 Atlanta Braves Vintage Infielder Batter Rare
38 Baltimore Orioles Pitcher Common
4 Baltimore Orioles Batter Common
304 Baltimore Orioles Catcher Catcher Common
404 Baltimore Orioles Infielder Batter Common
503 Baltimore Orioles Manny Machado Superstar Common
39 Boston Red Sox Pitcher Common
5 Boston Red Sox Batter Common
305 Boston Red Sox Catcher Catcher Common
504 Boston Red Sox Chris Sale Superstar Common
105 Boston Red Sox Infielder Batter Common
32 Brooklyn Dodgers Vintage Batter Batter Rare
66 Brooklyn Dodgers Vintage Pitcher Pitcher Rare
43 Chicago Cubs Pitcher Common
9 Chicago Cubs Batter Common
508 Chicago Cubs Anthony Rizzo Superstar Common
309 Chicago Cubs Catcher Catcher Common
409 Chicago Cubs Infielder Batter Common
510 Chicago Cubs Kris Bryant Superstar Common
10 Chicago White Sox Batter Common
44 Chicago White Sox Pitcher Common
310 Chicago White Sox Catcher Catcher Common
410 Chicago White Sox Infielder Batter Common
40 Cincinnati Reds Pitcher Common
6 Cincinnati Reds Batter Common
306 Cincinnati Reds Catcher Catcher Common
140 Cincinnati Reds Infielder Batter Common
505 Cincinnati Reds Joey Votto Superstar Common
33 Clear Blue Ice Pitcher Ultra Rare
67 Clear Blue Ice Pitcher Rare
41 Cleveland Indians Pitcher Common
7 Cleveland Indians Batter Common
307 Cleveland Indians Catcher Catcher Common
506 Cleveland Indians Francisco Lindor Superstar Common
107 Cleveland Indians Infielder Batter Common
208 Colorado Rockies Pitcher Common
42 Colorado Rockies Pitcher Common
8 Colorado Rockies Batter Common
308 Colorado Rockies Catcher Catcher Common
408 Colorado Rockies Infielder Batter Common
507 Colorado Rockies Nolan Arenado Superstar Common
11 Detroit Tigers Batter Common
45 Detroit Tigers Pitcher Common
311 Detroit Tigers Catcher Catcher Common
411 Detroit Tigers Infielder Batter Common
511 Detroit Tigers Miguel Cabrera Superstar Common
31 Glow-In-The-Dark Batter Rare
65 Glow-In-The-Dark Pitcher Rare
13 Houston Astros Batter Common
47 Houston Astros Pitcher Common
313 Houston Astros Catcher Catcher Common
413 Houston Astros Infielder Batter Common
513 Houston Astros Jose Altuve Superstar Common
14 Kansas City Royals Batter Common
314 Kansas City Royals Catcher Common
48 Kansas City Royals Pitcher Common
414 Kansas City Royals Infielder Batter Common
514 Kansas City Royals Salvador Perez Superstar Common
35 Los Angeles Angels Pitcher Common
301 Los Angeles Angels Catcher Catcher Common
102 Los Angeles Angels Infielder Batter Common
15 Los Angeles Dodgers Batter Common
315 Los Angeles Dodgers Catcher Common
49 Los Angeles Dodgers Pitcher Common
515 Los Angeles Dodgers Clayton Kershaw Superstar Common
516 Los Angeles Dodgers Cody Bellinger Superstar Common
415 Los Angeles Dodgers Infielder Batter Common
449 Los Angeles Dodgers Infielder Batter Common
34 Metallic Gold Batter Ultra Rare
70 Metallic Gold Pitcher Ultra Rare
12 Miami Marlins Batter Common
46 Miami Marlins Pitcher Common
412 Miami Marlins Infielder Batter Common
512 Miami Marlins J.T. Realmuto Superstar Common
16 Milwaukee Brewers Batter Common
350 Milwaukee Brewers Catcher Common
50 Milwaukee Brewers Pitcher Common
316 Milwaukee Brewers Catcher Catcher Common
416 Milwaukee Brewers Infielder Batter Common
517 Milwaukee Brewers Ryan Braun Superstar Common
17 Minnesota Twins Batter Common
51 Minnesota Twins Pitcher Common
518 Minnesota Twins Byron Buxton Superstar Common
317 Minnesota Twins Catcher Catcher Common
19 New York Mets Batter Common
53 New York Mets Pitcher Common
320 New York Mets Catcher Catcher Common
419 New York Mets Infielder Batter Common
520 New York Mets Noah Syndergaard Superstar Common
20 New York Yankees Batter Common
54 New York Yankees Pitcher Common
522 New York Yankees Aaron Judge Superstar Common
321 New York Yankees Catcher Catcher Common
420 New York Yankees Infielder Batter Common
521 New York Yankees Luis Severino Superstar Common
21 Oakland Athletics Batter Common
55 Oakland Athletics Pitcher Common
523 Oakland Athletics Khris Davis Superstar Common
22 Philadelphia Phillies Batter Common
56 Philadelphia Phillies Pitcher Common
322 Philadelphia Phillies Catcher Catcher Common
422 Philadelphia Phillies Infielder Batter Common
524 Philadelphia Phillies Rhys Hoskins Superstar Common
323 Philadelphia Phillies Vintage Catcher Catcher Rare
23 Pittsburgh Pirates Batter Common
57 Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher Common
324 Pittsburgh Pirates Catcher Catcher Common
423 Pittsburgh Pirates Infielder Batter Common
525 Pittsburgh Pirates Josh Bell Superstar Common
24 San Diego Padres Batter Common
58 San Diego Padres Pitcher Common
69 San Diego Padres Camo Uniform Pitcher Ultra Rare
325 San Diego Padres Catcher Catcher Common
424 San Diego Padres Infielder Batter Common
526 San Diego Padres Wil Myers Superstar Common
26 San Francisco Giants Batter Common
60 San Francisco Giants Pitcher Common
327 San Francisco Giants Catcher Catcher Common
426 San Francisco Giants Infielder Batter Common
25 Seattle Mariners Batter Common
59 Seattle Mariners Pitcher Common
326 Seattle Mariners Catcher Catcher Common
425 Seattle Mariners Infielder Batter Common
432 Seattle Mariners Vintage Infielder Batter Rare
61 St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher Common
328 St. Louis Cardinals Catcher Catcher Common
27 St.Louis Cardinals Batter Common
28 Tampa Bay Rays Batter Common
62 Tampa Bay Rays Pitcher Common
329 Tampa Bay Rays Catcher Catcher Common
29 Texas Rangers Batter Common
63 Texas Rangers Pitcher Common
330 Texas Rangers Catcher Catcher Common
30 Toronto Blue Jays Batter Common
64 Toronto Blue Jays Pitcher Common
331 Toronto Blue Jays Catcher Catcher Common
604 Toronto Blue Jays Infielders Pitcher Common
68 Umpire Figure Pitcher Rare
18 Washington Nationals Batter Common
52 Washington Nationals Pitcher Common
519 Washington Nationals Bryce Harper Superstar Common
252 Washington Nationals Catcher Catcher Common
318 Washington Nationals Catcher Catcher Common
418 Washington Nationals Infielder Batter Common
1 ´╗┐Los Angeles Angels Batter Common