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Checklist of miniatures from Crown of Fangs (Pathfinder Battles)
in collection
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
17 Banshee Medium Uncommon
31 Bone Devil Large Uncommon
14 Boy Small Uncommon
16 Cabbagehead Medium Uncommon
36 Cinnabar Medium Rare
54 Court of the Crimson Throne Medium Unique
26 Death Large Uncommon
1 Dog Small Common
46 Dr. Davaulus Large Unique
2 Dream Spider Small Common
5 Emperor's Thug Medium Common
9 Fungal Guardian Medium Common
4 Geist Medium Common
25 Giant Scorpion Large Uncommon
3 Giant Spider Medium Common
15 Girl Small Uncommon
47 Glorio Arkona Large Unique
45 Gnome Executioner Small Unique
48 Grave Monument Large Rare
24 Gray Maiden Archer Medium Uncommon
23 Gray Maiden Captain Medium Uncommon
11 Gray Maiden Guard Medium Common
44 Grey Maiden Dragon Rider Large Rare
10 Halfling Archer Small Common
8 Halfling Rogue Small Common
32 Horned Devil Large Uncommon
27 Issaya Large Uncommon
38 Jolistina Susperio Medium Rare
49 Lectern Large Rare
30 Leukodaemon Large Uncommon
28 Monstrous Skeleton Large Uncommon
40 Queen Ileosa Arabasti Medium Rare
33 Rakshasa Medium Rare
41 Reclamation Cavalry Large Rare
6 Reclamation Infantry Medium Common
22 Reclamation Knight Medium Uncommon
42 Reclamation Sky Cavalry Large Rare
7 Reclamation Squire Medium Common
50 Rectangle Table Large Rare
21 Red Mantis Assassin (Female) Medium Uncommon
20 Red Mantis Assassin (Male) Medium Uncommon
29 Red Reaver Large Uncommon
37 Shadowcount Sial Medium Rare
43 Skeleton Cavalry Large Rare
19 Skeleton Champion Medium Uncommon
12 Skeleton Infantry Medium Common
13 Skeleton Spearman Medium Common
51 Stocks Medium Rare
39 The Emperor Medium Rare
52 Totem Large Rare
35 Trinia Sabor Medium Rare
34 Ury Sevenskulls Medium Rare
53 Well Large Rare
18 Wereboar Medium Uncommon