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Checklist of miniatures from Icons of the Realms: Tomb of Annihilation (Dungeons&Dragons)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
38 Acererak Medium R
45m Acererak Skull Civilization Visible
38i Acererak, Invisible Medium R
17 Aldani (trident) Medium U
13 Aldani (unarmed) Medium C
45c Archway Large Visible
22 Artus Cimber Medium U
22i Artus Cimber, Invisible Medium VR
23 Asharra Medium U
23i Asharra, Invisible Medium VR
15 Batiri Goblin (mask) Small U
2 Batiri Goblin (no mask) Small C
45h Blade Trap Medium Visible
45l Boulder Pile Medium Visible
9 Chultan Zombie Medium C
37 Couatl Medium R
37i Couatl, Invisible Medium R
25a Dao (hammer) Large U
25b Dao (rocks) Large U
45a Death Mouth Statue Large Visible
42 Draegloth Large R
39 Dragonbait Medium R
39i Dragonbait, Invisible Medium R
19 Duodrone Medium U
45i Fire Jet Trap Medium Visible
12b Firenewt (flame) Small C
12a Firenewt (sword) Small C
44 Giant Four-Armed Gargoyle Large R
29 Giant Scorpion Large U
31 Girallon Large U
7b Human Druid Medium C
27 Kamadan Large U
45j Magic Glyph Trap Medium Visible
30 Mantrap Large U
41 Marilith Large R
26a Merrow (spear) Large U
26b Merrow (trident) Large U
40 Minsc and Boo Medium R
40i Minsc and Boo, Invisible Medium R
10 Monodrone Medium C
36 Nanny Pu'pu Medium VR
36i Nanny Pu'pu, Invisible Medium R
35 Nothic Medium R
32a Nycaloth (axe) Large U
32b Nycaloth (sword) Large U
8a Orc (axe) Medium C
8b Orc (sword) Medium C
45e Pile of Gold Small Visible
45k Pit Trap Medium Visible
45f Potion Civilization Visible
28 Pterafolk Large U
7a Qawasha Medium C
7ai Qawasha, Invisible Medium VR
33 Ras Nsi Medium R
1 Redcap Small C
45b Sarcophagus Large Visible
45g Scroll Civilization Visible
45n Shield of Missile Attraction Civilization Visible
16a Skeleton (daggers) Medium U
16b Skeleton (shield) Medium U
6a Skeleton Key (cross) Medium C
6c Skeleton Key (key) Medium C
6b Skeleton Key (triangle) Medium C
43 Stone Juggernaut Large R
11 Su-monster Medium C
45d Sword of Sharpness Civilization Visible
21b Tabaxi Hunter Medium U
21a Tabaxi Minstrel Medium U
45 Tomb and Traps Set Large Visible
34 Ultroloth Medium R
34i Ultroloth, Invisible Medium VR
18 Valindra Shadowmantle Medium U
18i Valindra Shadowmantle, Invisible Medium VR
3 Vegepygmy Small C
14 Vegepygmy Chief Medium U
5a Velociraptor (green) Small C
5b Velociraptor (red) Small C
20a Werebear (axe) Medium U
20b Werebear (hammer) Medium U
24 Yuan-ti Broodguard Medium U
4 Zorbo Small C