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Checklist of miniatures from Maze of Death (Pathfinder Battles)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
46 Air Elemental Lord Huge Unique
47 Altar Large Rare
32 Amphisbaena Large Uncommon
37 Apostate Devil Medium Rare
48 Barred Door Large Rare
20 Blight Druid Medium Uncommon
40 Canopy Lurker Medium Rare
43 Cyclops Mystic Large Rare
29 Deep Lurker Large Uncommon
15 Derro Artillery Small Uncommon
33 Derro Magister Small Rare
38 Diabolical Mystic Medium Rare
36 Elf Mystic Medium Rare
45 Fire Elemental Lord Huge Unique
49 Fireplace Large Rare
50 Fountain Large Rare
22 Gate Hellknight Medium Uncommon
19 Ghost Fungus Medium Uncommon
23 Ghul Medium Uncommon
27 Giant Moray Eel Large Uncommon
3 Halfling Butcher Small Common
31 Ice Devil Large Uncommon
8 Juju Zombie Medium Common
51 Knight Statue Medium Rare
42 Large Blue Dragon Large Rare
21 Lizardfolk Mireborn Medium Uncommon
12 Lizardfolk Warrior Medium Common
39 Medium Copper Dragon Medium Rare
4 Mind Frond Medium Common
25 Minotaur Artillery Large Uncommon
26 Minotaur Cleric Large Uncommon
44 Minotaur Labyrinth Guardian Large Rare
41 Nightmare Dragon Large Rare
24 Penanggalen Medium Uncommon
7 Pitborn Fighter Medium Common
52 Portcullis Large Rare
1 Pretty Goblin Small Common
16 Pugwampi Gremlin Small Uncommon
5 Purple Fungus Medium Common
14 Ratfolk Alchemist Small Common
2 Ratfolk Artillery Small Common
30 Sea Drake Large Uncommon
34 Talmandor Medium Rare
35 Tengu Hero Medium Rare
11 Ulat-kini Mystic Medium Common
10 Ulat-kini Warrior Medium Common
18 Urdefhan Necromancer Medium Uncommon
17 Urdefhan Warrior Medium Uncommon
28 Viper Vine Large Uncommon
6 Werebear Medium Common
9 Witchfire Medium Common
13 Wood Golem Medium Common