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Checklist of miniatures from Jungle of Despair (Pathfinder Battles)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
47 Apparatus of the Octopus Large Rare
44 Astradaemon Large Rare
35 Azata Knight Medium Rare
5 Azata Wilder Medium Common
30 Clay Golem Large Uncommon
29 Couatl Large Uncommon
17 Creeper Vine Medium Uncommon
3 Dryad Medium Common
37 Dwarf Explorer Medium Rare
14 Eagle Small Uncommon
18 Elf Assassin Medium Uncommon
13 Elf Druid Medium Common
6 Giant Ant Medium Common
8 Giant Leech Medium Common
33 Gongorinan Qlippoth Medium Rare
41 Hollow Serpent Large Rare
38 Human Arcanist Medium Rare
21 Human Hunter Medium Uncommon
39 Human Paladin Medium Rare
36 Human Ranger Medium Rare
45 Hydra Huge Unique
32 Infectious Qlippoth Large Uncommon
43 Kirin Large Rare
27 Lion Large Uncommon
46 Magic Anvil Medium Rare
4 Metal Cobra Small Common
2 Mold Runt Small Common
7 Morlock Medium Common
20 Morlock Cleric Medium Uncommon
25 Murder Vine Large Uncommon
9 Nymph Medium Common
48 Pit Trap Large Rare
1 Pixie Small Common
24 Ravenous Qlippoth Medium Uncommon
10 River Drake Medium Common
11 Sabosan Medium Common
23 Serpentfolk Cleric Medium Uncommon
12 Serpentfolk Hunter Medium Common
22 Serpentfolk Rogue Medium Uncommon
40 Serpentfolk Wizard Medium Rare
26 Shambler Large Uncommon
49 Skull Pole Medium Rare
50 Summoning Pillar Medium Rare
19 Tanuki Medium Uncommon
31 Thrall of Angazhan Large Uncommon
42 Thulgant Qlippoth Large Rare
28 Tiger Large Uncommon
51 Trunk Chest Medium Rare
34 Venom Daemon Medium Rare
15 Vulture Small Uncommon
16 Winged Chupacabra Medium Uncommon