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Checklist of miniatures from Avengers (HeroClix)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
B004 "Frenchie" Duchamp Marvel Unaffiliated Bystander Token
033 Abomination (AV) Masters of Evil Rare
054 Ares (AV) Avengers Super-Rare
BF005 Atlantis Rising (AV) Marvel Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
034 Baron Zemo (AV) Avengers Rare
024 Black Panther (AV) Spider-Man Ally Uncommon
018 Blazing Skull Defenders Uncommon
035 Bucky Defenders Rare
060 Cap and Bucky Avengers Super-Rare
001 Captain America (AV) Ultimates Common
003 Captain Britain (AV) Ultimates Common
052 Citizen V Avengers Super-Rare
007 Crossbones Minions of Doom Common
S002 Dark Cauldron Marvel Unaffiliated Special Object
019 Darkhawk Spider-Man Ally Uncommon
020 Dragon Man Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
B007 Duane Freeman Marvel Unaffiliated Bystander Token
B001 Edwin Jarvis Marvel Unaffiliated Bystander Token
B005 Everett K. Ross Marvel Unaffiliated Bystander Token
BF003 Exhaustion Marvel Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
036 Falcon (AV) Shield Rare
102 Firelord (AV) Power Cosmic Limited Edition
S001 Force Field Generator Marvel Unaffiliated Special Object
F003 Fortitude (AV) Marvel Unaffiliated Feat Card
104 Galactus, Eater of Worlds Power Cosmic Limited Edition
004 Gargoyle Defenders Common
038 Giant-Man (AV) Avengers Rare
044 Grim Reaper Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
005 Guardsman Shield Common
056 Hawkeye (AV) Avengers Super-Rare
055 Hulk (AV) Ultimates Super-Rare
009 Hulkling Avengers Common
BF004 Inferno Marvel Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
030 Iron Lad Avengers Uncommon
002 Iron Man (AV) Ultimates Common
022 Iron Widow Ultimates Uncommon
B002 Jimmy Woo Marvel Unaffiliated Bystander Token
B006 Kat Farrell Marvel Unaffiliated Bystander Token
B003 Ken Hale Marvel Unaffiliated Bystander Token
108 Lambda-Zero Marvel Unaffiliated Limited Edition
023 Lionheart Avengers Uncommon
017 Living Laser Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
016 Luke Cage Avengers Common
061 Mandarin (AV) Marvel Unaffiliated LE-Brick
043 Molecule Man Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
006 Moon Knight (AV) Avengers Common
040 Namor (AV) Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
046 Namorita Spider-Man Ally Rare
BF001 Ordinary Day (AV) Marvel Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
010 Patriot Avengers Common
013 Piledriver Masters of Evil Common
107 Pyreus Kril Marvel Unaffiliated Limited Edition
058 Quicksilver (AV SR) Avengers Super-Rare
025 Quicksilver (AV Uncommon) Ultimates Uncommon
032 Red Skull (AV) Hydra Uncommon
031 Ronin Avengers Uncommon
057 Scarlet Witch (AV SR) Avengers Super-Rare
026 Scarlet Witch (AV Uncommon) Ultimates Uncommon
105 Sentinel of the Skyways Defenders Limited Edition
012 Shang-Chi Spider-Man Ally Common
100 Silver Surfer (AV) Power Cosmic Limited Edition
051 Spider-Man (AV) Avengers Super-Rare
039 Spitfire Defenders Rare
103 Stardust Power Cosmic Limited Edition
042 Starfox Avengers Rare
011 Stature Avengers Common
014 Stingray Avengers Common
F001 Stunning Blow (AV) Marvel Unaffiliated Feat Card
029 Taskmaster (AV) Minions of Doom Uncommon
F002 Telekinetic Reach Marvel Unaffiliated Feat Card
101 Terrax the Tamer Power Cosmic Limited Edition
053 The Colonel Masters of Evil Super-Rare
037 Thin Man Defenders Rare
B008 Thug (AV) Marvel Unaffiliated Bystander Token
045 Thunderstrike Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
021 Toro Defenders Uncommon
049 Two-Gun Kid Avengers Super-Rare
106 Tyros of Lanlak Marvel Unaffiliated Limited Edition
015 U.S. Agent Defenders Common
041 Union Jack Defenders Rare
027 Vision (AV) Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
059 Wasp (AV SR) Avengers Super-Rare
028 Wasp (AV Uncommon) Ultimates Uncommon
BF002 Wasteland Marvel Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
047 Wiccan Avengers Rare
050 Winter Soldier Marvel Unaffiliated Super-Rare
008 Wonder Man (AV) Avengers Common
048 Yondu Defenders Rare