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Army "DogBoys Armie"

Army "DogBoys Armie"
185 Points
created by zackblack activity icon
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The armie is 200 points and all of the figures are in the Dire Werewolf's Cabal. Stratigy is to pack all of your monsters around your opponent and then Dire Werewolf gets a total of +3 to his attack!

Both Dire Wolves have Doge which allows them to evade a sucessful attack on a role of 5-6 which is sweet enough BUT the Vet also has Masacre which allows you to slay adjacent victims.

The last bad boy is the Dog Soldier. He gets a +2 to defence against ranged attacks THEN slays a vict to transform and then gets himself a -1 to damage for the rest of the game!

Oh and because you are using a Unique you also get to add an extra plot twist to your hand!

Miniature list Group miniatures by  
Type: Monster (4 miniatures)
  Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Dire Werewolf (Unique) HC 093 Monster 6
1 x Dire Wolf (Rookie) HC 019 Monster 1
1 x Dire Wolf (Veteran) HC 021 Monster 3
1 x Dog Soldier (Veteran) HC 003 Monster 3
Army Statistics
Distribution by Cabal
Wolfbrothers bar 100 %  

Distribution by Point Value
100 bar 25 %  
20 bar 25 %  
30 bar 25 %  
35 bar 25 %  

Distribution by Rarity
1 bar 25 %  
3 bar 50 %  
6 bar 25 %  

Distribution by Type
Monster bar 100 %  

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bar 3.00
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