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Fleet "Jade Empire"

Fleet "Jade Empire"
140 Points
created by xerecs activity icon
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As the title suggests this fleet is comprised of the Jade Rebellion, and what they might be like at full strength. This fleet is based on a challenge that a family member gave to me and my brothers: build a fleet that used only 'real' factions, factions that had a significant nation or empire behind them. This essentially tosses out the Pirates, Barbary Corsairs, Cursed, and Vikings. The Jade Rebellion however represents Imperial China, an extremely significant world power, and so they are the only minor faction that could be used in this scenario, other than mercenaries. Now since the Rebels are limited to South China Seas, I decided that in addition to not using pieces belonging to any banned faction, I could only draw pieces from SCS through to SS, to make it interesting.

Me and my brothers tend to play more Death-matches than standard games, so in accordance with that, this a 140 point Death-match fleet, the only islands are home islands, so there will be no UT's, Forts, or Events. Further more, since the Jades need some help, any Junk or Turtle Ship that is either Cursed or Pirate is now available to them and for this army will be considered to fly the Jade Rebel flag. When I say any, I mean any, such as the Zeus and the Guichuan , as well as the plethora of Pirate Junks from DPotC like the Hai Peng and the Song . Despite the fact that they are Junk type ships, the Delusion and the Celtic Fury are not going to be considered as part of the Jade Empire.

There is another concession made for this scenario, crew that ought to be Jade Rebellion, now are, such as every version of Shap'ng Tsai as well as Captain Sao Feng , Lian and Park and the linked crew on the Guichuan and on the Zeus . However just because something could be used doesn't mean I will use it, at least for this fleet, I might make several fleets for this scenario, and not all Jade Rebellion. :Twisted:

For this first of perhaps several fleets fitting into this scenario, we have an all Jade fleet. The first ship is perhaps their best fighter, the Grand Temple . Shap-'ng-Tsai provides a SAT, and Katsura-chan provides a re-roll specifically for him. If he succeeds on his first try, then the re-roll can be saved for some other time, such as a ram and board attempt, or a missed cannon. Sensei Xu starts face down and will only be revealed when a shipwright is needed for repairs. He will take up no cargo when revealed as per his ability and his link, and the same goes for Shap-'ng-Tsai. If I am correct, the shipwright should fit, given all the links and abilities.

Next up is the Grand Path , with all 2 cannons she is almost as destructive as the Temple, however the Temple's built in reverse captain ability is more useful in combat and so the Path will play second fiddle to the Temple. That said, the Path is crewed to the max, and is devastating in her own right. In addition to a standard captain and helmsman, Warlord Cavendish comes aboard for the SAT only, since Pirate crew cannot be used, period. Should he fail to roll for the SAT, he may be bailed out by another crew elsewhere in the fleet. Here is where it gets interesting, Kian Ng comes aboard, and since his ability is exactly the same as Asesino de la Nave , every hit will take out an important crew, and if he wasn't enough, Exploding Shot will not only set a ship alight, but will also eliminate a crew, which unless I'm mistaken will stack with Kian Ng's ability. That's six shots and if Exploding shot hits, 7 cargo eliminated and a fire mast on an enemy ship!

Next up is the Baochuan , with her ten masts and fleet Admiral Zheng He , she is a force to be reckoned with. Chang Pao comes aboard to give the cannons a much needed boost, and Ms. Cheng links to him, giving a re-roll to Zheng He's fleet admiral ability, which will most likely be directed to either the Glorious Treasure or the Grand Path, who doesn't have a re-roll crew. Dragon Eyes comes aboard to serve as captain and crew taker, and those captured crew will be fed to Zheng Li Kwan , this is a Death-match. The two oarsmen are meat shields for any failed boarding and to prevent capture, though they may be SAC'd if both Zheng He and Ms. Cheng fail to roll a 6.

Rounding out the fleet is the Glorious Treasure , who doesn't have any crew, because there wasn't room. Never the less, don't underestimate her. Should all ships roll successfully for their SAT crew, this ship will get the extra action from Admiral Zheng He, especially if the Baochuan has SAC crew. The Treasure's ability lends itself well as a support ship for any of the bigger ships, and as the smallest ship, she is technically the most expendable of them all.

Since in this scenario there are no other six masted ships, and the only ten master available to any other faction is the Celtic Fury , this fleet may be the most powerful, but this is just the first one. I will reiterate a few important notes for this scenario which is very wacky and very specific:
Absolutely no Pirate or Cursed pieces, unless they are Junk or Turtle ships, which can be used by the Jade Rebellion/Empire.

NO pieces from before SCS and no pieces from beyond SS

Absolutely positively no Events. Not only are they waaaaay overpowered, but I don't have any of the really nasty ones

There will be NO wild islands, there fore, there will be no treasure pool to hide UT's, which can be almost as bad as Events, and cannot start the game on a ship. Terrain may be used, but there may not be a tremendous amount of it to deal with.

No islands means no FORTS.

Miniature list Group miniatures by  
Section: Ship #1 (5 miniatures)
  Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Grand Temple PofSCS 002 Ship R
1 x Helmsman PofSCS 115 Crew C
1 x Katsura-chan PofSCS 025 Crew R
1 x Sensei Xu PofSCS 029A Crew C
1 x Shap-'ng-Tsai PofSCS 024 Crew R
Section: Ship #2 (7 miniatures)
  Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Captain PofSCS 109 Crew C
1 x Exploding Shot F&S 109 Equipment U
1 x Grand Path PofSCS 005 Ship R
1 x Helmsman PofSCS 115 Crew C
1 x Kian Ng PofSCS 026B Crew C
2 x Warlord Cavendish PofSCS 028B Crew C
Section: Ship #3 (9 miniatures)
  Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Admiral Zheng He PofSCS 300B Crew LE
1 x Baochuan PofSCS 300A Ship LE
1 x Chang Pao PofSCS 027A Crew C
1 x Dragon Eyes PofSCS 027B Crew C
1 x Helmsman PofSCS 115 Crew C
1 x Ms. Cheng PofSCS 026A Crew C
2 x Oarsman PofSCS 129 Crew C
1 x Zheng Li Kwan PofSCS 023 Crew R
Section: Ship #5 (1 miniatures)
  Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Glorious Treasure PofSCS 020 Ship R
Fleet Statistics
Distribution by Base Move
- bar 18  82 %  
L bar 9 %  
S+S bar 9 %  

Distribution by Cargo Space
- bar 18  82 %  
10 bar 5 %  
2 bar 5 %  
3 bar 5 %  
5 bar 5 %  

Distribution by Faction Affiliation
Equipment bar 5 %  
Jade Rebellion bar 21  95 %  

Distribution by Number of Masts
- bar 18  82 %  
1 bar 5 %  
10 bar 5 %  
6 bar 9 %  

Distribution by Point Value
- bar 5 %  
1 bar 9 %  
10 bar 5 %  
17 bar 5 %  
2 bar 14 %  
20 bar 5 %  
3 bar 14 %  
30 bar 5 %  
4 bar 9 %  
5 bar 18 %  
6 bar 14 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 13  59 %  
LE bar 9 %  
R bar 27 %  
U bar 5 %  

Distribution by Type
Crew bar 17  77 %  
Equipment bar 5 %  
Ship bar 18 %  

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bar 5.00
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Subject:    Posted: September 19, 2015 10:52 pm

I like the concept behind the fleet a lot, but denying the Spanish and Americans some of their most powerful tools is a minus in my opinion. Great fleet!

Edit: If the English don't use the HMS Endeavour, they're not using a game-changing threat.
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