Miniature Trading help

Welcome to Miniature Trading!

To fully take advantage of this site you should take the following basic steps:

  1. Register with us (in the section) if you haven't done it already. It's fast and free.
  2. Enter your lists of miniatures: those you have and offer for trade, and optionally those in your private collection (using the section), and those miniatures that you need and wish to get (using the section). You can explore your lists in multiple ways, including a collection display, and checklists you can print.
  3. Look for other users you may be interested to trade with, by visiting the section, or the . You can also search for a single miniature by selecting it in the section. Another help you'll get to find other users to trade miniatures with is the Automatic Report on Possible Trades that you will receive by email every time the system detects new miniatures that may interest you.
  4. Contact the user you are interested in, sending them a message from the form that you will get when you click on their user name.
  5. After exchanging messages and arriving to an agreement, you can register a Tracked Trade on the site and once you both have accepted it, perform the miniature trade through the postal mail. Let our Tracked Trades system guide you through the process, and please follow our
  6. Once you have finished a trade successfully and you have received the agreed miniatures, you can add a reference to the user you traded with, from the section, and you should provide feedback by filling in a Trade Evaluation to help build other traders' reputations.
  7. On the other hand, if something goes wrong with the trade, and you think the other party did not behave honestly, you may want to create a so we can investigate it and get rid of bad traders quickly.

There are many other things you can do on this web, like: