Miniature Trading help

Check our video tutorial below.

The Tracked Trades service lets you keep track of all your trades and purchases you perform with other users of the site. It has multiple advantages over a trade arranged only through the messaging system:

  1. You can keep track of all the trades, sales and/or purchases you arrange and have them all listed on the site for easy reference.
  2. All the details get registered so there is no confusion or misunderstanding during the negotiation, or in case of a dispute.
  3. It updates automatically your lists of miniatures, so you don't need to remember to remove the miniatures from your haves and wants when you receive them or send them.
  4. Your address is not shared with the other person until the last moment, only when they have already committed to the trade.
  5. You give and receive references at the appropriate time. You also receive trade evaluations that help you build a reputation on the site. You can also give feedback about the users you trade with.
  6. You get reminded of the status of all the trades you have in process so that you don't forget to send your part and you know when something is getting delayed.
  7. They act as a more complete reference system. They increase the confidence others have in you, the more trades you have registered and successfully completed. The evaluations you receive for each trade are also a great tool to build a reputation as a trustful trader or seller.
  8. You can more reliably trade with people who don't speak fluent English.
  9. It is much easier to identify possible or known bad traders earlier in the process.
  10. As the trades are publicly available, you can see what kinds of trades others have performed, and you can show that your trades have always gone smoothly. You can also read the comments others have provided after trading with someone.
  11. People you trade with are not allowed to just leave the site until they finish the trades they agreed with you.

To initiate a Tracked Trade with another user of the site, you just fill in the form you find below the contact form.

There are several sections in a trade and you need to pay attention to all of them:

Pending Action Warnings:
If the trade or purchase is in process and it is waiting for an action on your part there will be a section at the top indicating what actions you can perform. This way you know immediately what is expected of you and you can process the trade as quick as possible.
The header at the top shows the status the trade is currently on, a unique identifier for the trade, and the dates in which it was started and finished (or the time left for the current step to be fulfilled, if the trade is still in process).
Users A and B:
This is the core section of the trade. Here you have listed what miniatures each party needs to send to the other. You also see the address of the other person, though you only see it complete once both parties have accepted the trade. Also, addresses are not visible for other users who are not part of the trade.

When negotiating the trade you can add here the miniatures to be sent by either of the users by using the 'Add miniatures' button. You will be able to select the miniatures from the matches between your collecions of miniatures. This means that in order to trade a given miniature you both need to have it listed in your haves and wants respectively.

Once added you can make changes to the amounts of miniatures and then press on the 'Save changes' button. You also want to add comments indicating the condition of the miniatures if they are not mint/near mint.

This section also displays the evaluation the user has earned for this trade once their items have been received by the other party.

First sender:
Here you get to determine who should send first their miniatures and/or money to the other party. When you meet the requirements stated in our this is decided automatically for you by the system. Otherwise you have to select wich of the two users is going to send their miniatures first.
Money exchange:
You can include an exchange of cash as part of a trade, for example to compensate for the uneven value of the traded miniatures, or if you are just buying or selling miniatures. In this latter case, you just enter in the appropriate section the miniatures the seller is sending and then indicate here how much the buyer is paying the seller for them.
Pending Actions:
Depending on the current status of the trade, you will be expected to perform different actions, like accepting the trade, or indicating that you have sent your miniatures. You will have in this section a form that will let you perform the appropriate action so that the status gets updated and the other party gets automatically notified. It is also here where you enter your complete address at the beginning of the process, so that the other party knows where to send their miniatures.
Evaluation form:
For each trade or purchase you complete using our system you are entitled to provide feedback about it, indicating how things developed. You will be presented with a form where you can rate the trading experience in three aspects: communication, speed, and miniature conditions (where applicable), and where you can also leave your comments if you so wish. Click here for more information.
History of the trade:
In this section you can see step by step how the trade has developed, with the dates on which each action was performed, e.g. when the trade was accepted by both parties, when the first sender sent his or her miniatures, etc.

Here is a video tutorial for the Tracked Trades system: