Miniature Trading help

types of subscriptions

There are two kinds of subscriptions to Miniature Trading:

You become a Standard User by just It's free and you get your own account with which you can operate. As a standard user you:
  • can keep and maintain your miniature lists, both your haves and wants, and you can also maintain a private inventory of your collection, with the option, in both cases, to display them in a collection/trader display,
  • receive the automatic report on possible trades, notifying you of those users whose miniatures match with yours for trades. You can also customize this report: you have the option to stop receiving these emails or to receive them only when users are found who at the same time have new miniatures that you want and want miniatures that you have.
  • get your own public web page, from which people can check your haves and wants and your references and send you trade offers,
  • can contact other users, and receive messages from them,
  • can access the you have exchanged with other users of the site, classified by user and sorted by date.
  • can in your country and who are trading the game you prefer,
  • can match your miniatures with those of any other single user (from the contact form),
  • can arrange, track and record your trades with other users using our Tracked Trades system,
  • can act as for other users,
  • can post messages in our
  • can publish your that may grant you a Premium membership, and build your own
  • can design your own, personal for you to print or use on the web,
  • And you also become a registered user in Trade Cards Online where you get these same benefits to trade collectible cards.
As a Premium Member you get all the benefits of a Standard User, plus:
  • Access to the You get the list of users whose miniatures match with yours for trades or for selling and buying. You can search at any moment which users of the web have miniatures you want, or want those you have, or both things at the same time. These are the users with whom you have more chances of arranging a trade or a buy/sell agreement.
  • The option to list which miniatures you are missing in your collection.
  • Your own content on your personal page. You can customize your public web page with text, images and links.
  • You get notified of any messages you receive from other users while you browse our web site.
  • You can enter the
  • Your user name gets highlighted with a golden star (Premium Member). This way other users can see you are trading seriously, and will tend to send you more offers. This star does not show during the initial, free Premium period.
  • You help to maintain this site and keep it working.
  • And you also become a Premium member in Trade Cards Online where you get these same benefits to trade collectible cards.

Every standard user may become a Premium Member by paying a small fee: 4.99€ for 3 months, 8.99€ for 6 months, or 16.99€ for a year. For the cost of three booster packs, you can become Premium for a whole year!
Being Premium costs less that 6 cents a day!
You only need to request it from

There are also multiple ways in which you can get your Premium membership for free:

  • by accumulating 250 Friendship points from other users you recommend to the site,
  • by writing a that becomes our (you get 3 months of Premium membership when that happens),
  • by building any that becomes our (you get one month of Premium membership when that happens),
  • by uploading to our site the miniature list for a new expansion set.
  • or just by staying with us for a year. Every year, on your anniversary on our site, you get 15 days of free Premium membership as a gift for your faithfulness.