Miniature Trading help

Tracked Trades

How to enter your address for a trade

Before initiating a Tracked Trade, or before accepting an offer from another user, you need to enter your complete address so that the other party knows where to send their miniatures. You are presented with a form that lets you enter all necessary information. You must fill in all the fields, you need to enter your full name (no nicknames are allowed here), and you are not allowed to use P.O. Boxes in order to enforce accountability for everyone.

This data won't be shown to anyone except the person you are trading with, and only after the Trade has been accepted by both parties.

The first time you use our system the form will be empty and you will have to fill in all the fields. But from then on the data will be pre-filled for your convenience.

If you move to a different address you will have to be careful to change the address next time you go through this step: either initiating or accepting a Tracked Trade. The form will show your old address and you will have to make all necessary modifications. Any changes you introduce to the data will be saved for all future trades.