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Trade Evaluations

Trade Evaluations

When you complete a Tracked Trade on our site you may, and should, provide feedback about the experience and how well the process developed. Trade Evaluations are the best way to build a reputation as they measure the smoothness with which someone's trades get along on average. The more evaluations a trader has and the better the scores they get in them, the more trustworthy they are and the more confident will people be in arranging trades with them.

Trade Evaluations are provided by filling in a form that is available on the Trade page once it has been completed:

Trade Evaluation Form

On this form you can score the experience on that specific Tracked Trade in three aspects:

This measures how fluid the communication with the other party was: did they reply fast to your messages and questions? was it easy to talk to them? were they always polite and correct? did they provide any information you requested from them about the miniatures, the shipment methods, etc.?
This measures how quickly the trade developed: did the other party send their part quickly? did the shipment take a normal amount of time to reach you? were there any issues with the shipment, like delays, wrong address, bad packaging, etc,for which the other party was responsible?
This measures the condition in which the miniatures reached you, that is, were they in the right conservation condition according to the Trade details? (All items are expected to be in mint or near-mint condition unless otherwise stated in the item's comments in the Trade form). This is only applicable when you receive miniatures, but not when you are selling them and received money in exchange.

In a Trade Evaluation you may also include a comment giving some details that you deem worth of mention about the whole process, or a summary of your evaluation. You need to be polite, honest and objective in these comments, as they are visible to other users and you are responsible for them. No offensive, rude, or inappropriate language is allowed here as anywhere else on the site.

A Trade Evaluation can only be provided during the 15 days following a Tracked Trade completion. This is so that your evaluation is based on fresh memories of all the circumstances happening during that trade or purchase. Hopefully you should fill it in as soon as you receive the items from the other party.

Trade Evaluations are displayed on the corresponding Tracked Trade page, in the section for the evaluated user:

Trade Evaluation on the Tracked Trade page
Trader Reputation

Also, Trade Evaluations build up a user's reputation on the site, and they get combined and summarized for each user on their public page.
Click here for more info about users' Trader Reputation info.