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How to Create a Referral Link

To send people to our site from yours so that they will earn you commissions, you need to build the link URL in the form:

The final code on your page would look something like this:

<a href="" 

title="Visit Miniature Trading and register to access a whole community of online miniature traders">
visit Miniature Trading,</a> the site dedicated to the trading of collectible miniatures
where you get notified automatically whenever the miniatures you are looking for
are available for trade.
You can copy this code and paste it in your HTML after replacing 'your_user_name' with your user name.

If you want at the same time to send people to your public page on our site instead of the home page, you can do that by simply using the following link:

replacing again 'your_user_name' with your user name both times.
Using a banner or image to attract visitors

If you prefer to use an image or a banner instead of a text link, you can use the ones we offer here. Just follow the next steps:

  • Click with your mouse right button on the selected image and select the option 'Save image as...' from the contextual menu,
  • Save the image on your computer and upload it to your web server in the same directory in which your page is,
  • Copy the code corresponding to the image and insert it into the HTML of your page. Replace 'user_name' with your user name.
Banner of size 640 x 80:

Banner of size 480 x 80:

Banner of size 100 x 300:

Banner of size 100 x 202: