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Total miniatures: 212 Trader cleverpun Premium Member  in United States (California)
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Been with the site for a little bit now, and I'm very glad I found it.

I'm fairly loose on trading (2U for an R and such).

I try to keep all my cards and ships in good condition, but ink on styrene is not that durable. Minor scratches and wearing are to be expected. I do have plenty of cards (mostly crew) that are unpunched (in which case I'll indicate it), and I try to leave broken ships and snapped cards out of my lists.

I sometimes have trouble updating my trade lists, so please be gentle if I have to adjust a trade slightly.
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Pirates CSG
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My Little Pony Blind Bags
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12 Miniature Reviews for Pirates CSG
9 Miniature Reviews for Star Wars Pocketmodel TCG
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5 Armies for Pirates CSG
1 Army for Star Wars Pocketmodel TCG
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