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Total miniatures: 596 Trader john_flipp Premium Member  in Canada (Quebec)
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I'm looking to complete my Dungeons and Dragons collection, so if you have anything to offer that is on my want list then let me know!
There is also a large quantity of D&D promotional figures that I want and that are not on this site.
Send me a message if you have any to trade, there is a good chance I want them.
***High priority on rares from 3th and 4th version!! (Harbinger to Lords of Madness).

If you have any D&D cards, I also have a list of those i am ready to trade for minis.
I still play the DDM game, so if you are not familiar with it, here's a link:
--- ---

------I have the following map for trade:------
-Fallen Fortress (Side A only)

Miniatures Listings
This trader HAS miniatures from the following games:
Axis & Allies (9 miniatures)
Dreamblade (248 miniatures)
Dungeons&Dragons (135 miniatures)
HeroClix (7 miniatures)
HorrorClix (1 miniature)
Pathfinder Battles (103 miniatures)
john_flipp is offering a total of 503 miniatures for trade.
This trader WANTS miniatures from the following games:
Dreamblade (59 miniatures)
Dungeons&Dragons (93 miniatures)
Halo ActionClix (4 miniatures)
HeroClix (13 miniatures)
HorrorClix (12 miniatures)
Lord of the Rings TMG (2 miniatures)
Mage Knight (37 miniatures)
Monsterpocalypse (3 miniatures)
Pathfinder Battles (176 miniatures)
Skylanders (1 miniature)
Star Wars (23 miniatures)
World of Warcraft Miniatures Game (1 miniature)
john_flipp is looking for a total of 424 miniatures.
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1 Miniature Review for Dungeons&Dragons
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1 Army for Dungeons&Dragons
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